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        Select your head length 254 280 300 330

        Normal weight is 1.000kg

CX $420

Plus handle

  Lighter~heavier you specify and I'll get within 30gm H/L $30  
  Special features

                   "Limited only by the weight of your gold."

MAT $??  

  BlackBirds and Rainbows

Select your head length 254 280 300 330

Specify your colour  RED GREEN  GOLD BLUE BLACK

        Normal weight is 1.050kg

BB $320

Plus handle


  • Lighter weight...

  • Traditional build

  • Concealed internal weighting for that Terminal advantage. 

  • Length 270mm, weight~0 .870 kg, not adjustable

HOR $140

Plus handle

Handles  CarbonF

Preferred for G.C. AND A.C.  Spiral wound and tapered for selective strength flex.. Jump shots to die for.

Full length foam protection.  Measure from the ground (you knew that...)

Specify length.. 840, 860,890, 910, 930, 950,980,1.000

CFxxx $160

complete with grip of your choice.


Full length foam protection.  Measure from the ground (you knew that...)

Now only avail in QuickLock


    Grips are included in the cost of your normal (fixed length) handle.

If you are going to a QuickLock, the Upper handle is ordered seperately


For traveling and convenience. Especially good for long handles, AND players who have not stopped growing. When they need a new Upper handle it is super inexpensive. Remember to order the 2 parts, a QLUpper AND a QLLower

You need to order a QuickLock Lower in either:-

 CarbonFlex or CarbonRigid... Then order a QL Upper in the grip shape you want.

Tip.. Just like the heads... you can mix'n match your QuickLock handles. Have your favourite upper then swap to a Typhoon lower for G.C. and then back to a CRigid for A.C.

    BTW. A complete QuickLock handle is about $NZ50 more than a standard fixed length handle.. However.. If you are still growing...or you want to have a different QLUpper then it is inexpensive at about $NZ35

All that as well as the convenience for travel.

QuickLock Lower CarbonF.

Lowers have full length foam protection and are supplied with a QuickLock  Combo key

Remember to order your upper as well

QLCF $180

Plus upper

QuickLock Lower CarbonF Typhoon  (Naked)

Really good for GC in windy conditions... There is no lower foam so there is hardly any wind resistance. Not really suitable for A.C. (nothing to hold on to)  These are supplied with a QuickLock  Combo key

Remember to order your upper as well



Plus upper


QuickLock Lower CarbonRigid

Popular with A.C. Players Lowers have full length foam protection  and are supplied with a QuickLock  Combo key improved

Remember to order your upper as well



Plus upper


QuickLock Upper   HammerGrip

for Solomon's, and Standard.

Specify your overall length from the ground.

QLUHG $35 Watch this space.. photo coming.
QuickLock Upper   SideFlat

for Standard, Solomon's, and Irish

Specify your overall length from the ground.

QLUSF $35 Watch this space.. photo coming.

BALLS  These balls are NOT for competition

  • Very suitable for practise
  • Brilliant as a home set.
  • Solid plastic.
  • Come complete with the PVC holder.
BA $xx Watch this space.. photo coming.
 T..Mushroom  Super security and comfort.

              These fit onto any top grip and have a "handle topping" support to keep everything together.

MUSH $25

Terminator Bags

For traveling and convenience. Especially good keeping your gear together.. Pocket for your AHS card and keys

Any colour you like so long as it is Red with black trim.

Takes a 300mm head and up to 960 handle

TBR $75
T..Bag Long Handle TBL $85 Takes a long handle up to 1 m
T.. Super Bag for QuickLock  These zip down to (half size) for traveling.
  • Internal pocket for your Upper handle.
  • Then pops out to full bag size for day-to-day
TBSup $95 Watch this space... photo coming 
T. Shotgun Bag Double barreled  for 2 mallets
  • Fully padded internally to prevent your mallets crashing into each other..
  • Not every top player travels thousands of km's with just ONE mallet. (Ask John or Peter)
TBShot $135 Watch this space... photo coming 

  Hoop Setting 

T. SuperClamp  Quick to use. Strong and convenient. Adjustable for hoop width.. Includes a fabulous (High Tech) lock washer so NO tools needed for adjustment.

Mallet and hoop not included

Get one of these for your Hoop setting team.

BTW.. that mallet does NOT comply with the rules for play but if you can find one at the op-shop or tool market, lucky you.



TSC $161 Inc GST

H SuperLifter "H" base

Designed with "Superhoops" (Quadway) in mind..

"H" base to save you lawn getting ripped out  and fab leverage. 2 lifting options so you can extract those sticky ones.

Light in weight. One on each trolley. Your ladies will love them.

HSL $161


Quadway Sabot    The Q Sabot slides over the top of the hoop and its 40mm of steel upper protects the hoop from being munted... The steel sides front& back take all the stress off the adjustable top corners. Maybe one per 4 lawns QS $161

 Inc GST




Digital Caliper

Save time and get better accuracy with setting.

Get the Ball Gauge add-on to test the balls

 Get these for your Hoop setting team.

This is a quality item well made and good display.

DC $65 Inc GST

Digital Ball Gauge

  • Save time finding the biggest ball in a set.
  • This is an add-on to the Digital Caliper above.
  • It clips straight on to the caliper (above) and gives you an easy way to find the biggest axis in the set of balls.
  • Get one of these for your Hoop setting team
DBG $184

 Inc GST

Watch this space... photo coming

Umpires board & Bag

  • Perfect for exact marking and replacement of critical balls.
  • Slide it in till the reference fingers (almost) touch the ball.
  • Place the (2) markers at each end. Move away.
  • Replacing...
  • Slide the board up to the 2 markers
  • Replace the ball to (almost) touch the fingers.
  • Slide the board away and retrieve your markers.
  • Front edge is a straight edge.

Comes complete with markers Stainless steel testing "string" and  "keep it all together" zipped/padded/named bag.

Freight NZ $8   AUST $12


UBB $80

Consumables.. QuickLock  Combo key

Combines both keys in a metal sleeve and the carabiner will save it getting lost. These are supplied with QL lower shafts no charge.  Includes NZ postage Aust +$5

QLCK $15


QuickLock  GrubScrew

 8mm * 12mm long Allen screw includes postage NZ,  Aust +$3

QLS $7

Consumables.. Handle badge

Includes postage NZ,  Aust +$3

HB $7  

Consumables...End Face kit....

Just like the tyres on your car wear down, the end faces on your mallet might need replacing from time to time. End faces are not a warranty item. The kit includes 2 end faces in the original Glass/Nylon.  They are pre fitted with industrial adhesive and full instructions are included.. Fitting is an easy 5 minute job. Yes.. These will fit any mallet that is 50mm square.

Includes postage NZ,  Aust +$3

EFK $36

Freight.. per parcel unless mentioned elsewhere

  • NZ        $30 (+$10 Rural) Fastway couriers 2 days (+rural)
  • Australia $48 Economy courier tracked. 7 days
  • UK         $110  ""     ""            ""       4 days then local
  • USA SA Europe ~$110  "          ""    5 days   ""
  • All pricing in $NZ..

NOTE....The biggest freight cost is for the first-part  parcel....

SO if you are wanting an additional mallet, or other product, you will be paying just a little bit extra for the second one.... (NOT Double)