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New Stuff

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New  Stuff





 Progress is a journey not a destination... 


IF you play with:-

  • Soft hands

  • Solomon's

  • Arthritis

  • Tender spots on fingers~joints

Then you will love the T-Mushroom  This is an add-on to the top of your mallet and it takes all the strain out of having to GRIP (strangle) the handle.

It allows the top of your hand to nestle at the top of the handle without any effort. The foam is soft-ish and is a closed cell. SO if it gets a bit grubby from sunscreen... you just give it a wash in the kitchen sink. It is the same foam as the handles but a softer grade.



Rainbows are the new version of the Blackbirds... Built on the success formula of Aluminium tube body and exposed brass ends, these superb mallets guarantee maximum energy transfer to the ball. Now you can choose your favourite colour for Club or Country..



[Under Construction]

QuickLock ComboKey

The QuickLock handles have been very successful and the new ComboKey has both Allen keys for the QL and the larger screw that holds the Head~Handle together. Both now live in a common metal tube, and they come with a carabina so you can clip it to your mallet bag.

Remember Righty~tighty.... Lefty~loosy...  1/4 turn is all you need.

Hoop Setting 1.

  • T SuperClamp  Making life easy for getting hoops just right.
  • The clamp is offset vertically so you can get it right down onto the carrots AND have enough room to put your foot on top of it to cut down vibrations.
  • Hoop Spacing is micro adjustable with a high-tech locking washer to keep things in place.


Hoop Setting 2.

Digital Caliper

  • For confirming hoop~to~hoop clearance/s .
  • With the Dawson balls, 93mm is pretty much the sweet spot.
  • Combine these with the Ball Gauge  to find the largest ball easily.
  • Many tournaments specify "Largest Ball + 1/64" ( or 1/32)". That would be easy if balls were spherical. At this point in time I've never found a ball to be (totally) spherical.
  •  I have about 12 digital calipers/gauges in Terminator Central and this one is the best. They are very good price performance) and beautifully made in metal not plastic.

Hoop Setting 3.

Digital Ball Gauge

  • Save time finding the biggest ball
  • This is an add-on to the Digital Caliper above
  • Get these for your Hoop setting team


Watch this space.. photo coming.

Hoop Lifting 


  • The SuperLifter is designed with an "H" base to give your Lawns/Turf maximum protection when lifting "grippy " hoops.
  • It has 2 lifting points so you can chose which works best for you..

Hoop Lifting T..Lifter

Lighter in weight.

T base to protect your hoop area..

 One on each trolley.. Your ladies will love them.




Superbag for QuickLock mallets. has an internal pocket for the handle upper. AND zips down to half size.


DoubleBarrel for 2 mallets.

 Double padding.

End Face Kit

The end faces of your CarboXtreme are like the tyres on your car.

Even though they are "Tough as goats knees." you might need to replace them from time-to-time.

The kit comes with:-

  •  2 replacement faces complete with adhesive.
  • Instructions

Easy to replace takes about ten minutes.

If you want to fit these to some other mallet, send me an email or give me a call so I can give you the inside information